Sree Harinarayana Ayurkshethra has a specialized and full-fledged facility for Ayurveda Psychiatry. Our expert doctors specialized in the field of Ayurveda Psychiatry has an excellent track record of handling and carefully improving various complicated cases.

Child Psychiatry

We offer specialized treatments for developmental, behavioral and psychiatric disorders in children. We provide maximum cure to various disorders such as Autism, Learning Disability, ADHD, Mental Subnormalty, Cerebral Palsy or any other child developmental and behavioral problems. We utilize various treatment techniques such as Agni Deepana, Srotoshodhana, Bala Vardhana, Budhi Medha Vardhana as per Avasthas or stages, along with proper psycho therapy.

We have a proven track record of carefully treating and improving various cases of Child Psychiatric Disorders mentioned below.
The incidence of autism in the world continues to increase at rates never before observed in recorded history. Autism is a clinical condition where a child fails to demonstrate a proper social behavior and communication. A few symptoms of Autism include:
  • Lack of proper eye contact
  • Showing certain stereotyped behaviors
  • Poor verbal and non verbal communication
  • Improper emotional responses etc.
Though the proper cause of the condition is unknown, Genetic factors, Metabolic factors, Nutritional factors, Neuronal variations, Infective history, Pregnancy, antenatal and perinatal causes etc. are few proposed reasons for this condition.
While western medicine and researchs has seemingly stalled in respect to treatment or management of autism, Ayurvedic medicine has proved very effective in treating and improving conditions identified as being on the autism spectrum.
At Shri Harinarayana Ayurkshethra, we apply a combination of specialized ayurvedic medicines, diet, yoga and massage to improve the condition of autism. Our patients with autism have demonstrated significant improvement through a series of treatments, yoga and social normalization routines.
Our treatments using Ayurvedic practices has demonstrated to be effective in supporting autistic patients to manage various symptoms of this condition themselves and to become more contributing members of their families and communities.
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a relatively common childhood mental health condition. As the name suggests, the predominant symptom in cases of ADHD is a child’s inability to retain attention and the child shows difficulty in staying focused. In most cases, this symptom is seen along with hyperactive behavior and impulsiveness.

For years, scientists have been seeking the underlying cause of ADHD. It has been discovered that ADHD can be inherited genetically. Children who have a parents or siblings with ADHD have a greater chance of developing ADHD compared to those without. However, environmental factors can also be considered a major cause for ADHD. Studies show that children may be exposed to environmental factors that promote ADHD as early as during pregnancy, infancy, or during early part of childhood. A few such examples are:

leave-icon Alcohol and cigarette smoking during pregnancy.
leave-icon Exposure to lead in plumbing fixtures and paints.
leave-icon Certain additives in food such as artificial colors, preservatives etc.
Ayurveda provide excellent options for managing various symptoms of ADHD. At Shri Harinarayana Ayurkshethra, we utilize a combination of ayurvedic medicines, yoga and Shirodhara Therapy as a routine to improve the condition of ADHD. Shirodhara treatment has proved improve symptoms of ADHD, by reducing impulsiveness and hyperactivity in children.
Leaning Disability
What causes some children to thrive in learning while others struggle? Learning Disability among children is a common worry in parents these days. This condition includes problems or difficulty in acquiring specific academic, language and speech skills. It refers to a brain based condition where a child faces difficulty in any of input, organization, memory or output of information.
Adult Psychiatry (Manashanti Clinic)
Mind is the sole reason behind any life process which is fearful or fruitful. All our aims and activities are first synthesized in our mind as thoughts. So, what if our thoughts go de-channelized? In between extreme tension, worries and expectations in the present world, one can easily slip from life’s normalcy to the abnormal state of psychiatric disorders.

The science of Ayurveda offers efficient and effective remedies for curing or improving adult psychiatric conditions. At Shri Harinarayana Ayurkshethra, we have had good results treating various conditions of Schizophrenia, Depression, Mood Disorders, Anxiety, Adjustment Disorders, and Substance Abuse etc. We follow an authentic Ayurvedic approach in handling all our cases, reliving one from any ill effects from heavy doses of mood stabilizers and other antipsychotics.