One Day treatments

(Ayurveda Bliss At Sree Harinarayana)
Sree Harinarayana Ayurkshetra offers Classical Ayurvedic Therapies and Packages best suited to an individual as advised by our doctors. These therapies and packages are envisaged to bring total relaxation and detoxification to one’s body and mind.


Nirvana is an ultimate stress reliever therapy designed to combine Abhyanga Snana and Shirodhara to guarantee Nirvana of mind aiming total mental relaxation.

Duration :90 min
Recommended for : Total Mental Relaxation.


Santhvanam aims to ease physical stress, aches and tensions. This therapy combines Abhyanga Snana to ease physical stress, warm kizhis to take care of aches and tensions; followed by Special Shirodhara to further aid the healing process

Duration :120 min
Recommended for : Body aches and Mental stress relief


This therapy is developed out of formulations from ancient Ayurveda tradition. The entire body is exfoliated with dry herbal powder and wrapped with a body pack of anti-oxidant rich tropical fruits. These herbs ensure that your skin is taken care along with a special face pack adding luster to the facial skin

* Requires advance booking

Duration :90 min
Recommended for : Soft and Supple skin


A special treat for the hair and scalp. After a relaxing Abhyanga snana and Shiro dhara ,your head massage with a special oil traditionally prepared here.After which your scalp is nourished with a cooling mix of traditional ayurveda medicine wrapped to nourish the scalp and to restore natural shine and vitality of your hair.This provides a calmness to mind too

Duration :120 min
Recommended for : Dandruff, Hairfall, Head and Hair care...


Traditional Indian skin therapy with ayurvedic herbs and oils of specific combination developed in our hospital bring alive the skin’s natural vitality

Duration :45 min
Recommended for : Fairness, Anti- aging, & removing marks, blemishes etc…

Chandana Snana

Preceded by a head and foot massage and steam,this bath uses a blend of sandal wood and other medicines, specially prepared in our hospital.

Duration :60 min